A Natural Difference created their solutions to use as a toner after cleansing to keep skin pH balanced and added nutrients to nourish and supply the skin with added antioxidants! After using enzyme peels it is imperative to neutralize the peel by removing it with water and applying one of our solutions to halt the enzymatic action of the peel.

Nutritional Solution (Toner)

  • CHERRY: Helps clarify all skin types. Nourishes & Strengthens.


    CRANBERRY: Benefits all skin types. Especially effective for oily, acne & psoriatic prone skin.


    MANGO: Benefits all skin types. Especially good for dry, rosacea & sensitive skin.


    ORANGE: For all skin types, EXCEPT rosacea & very sensitive skin.

    PHYTO-PUMPKIN ENZYME: An amazing Solution containing FERMENTED pumpkin extract that has over 100 nutrients & vitamins to help the skin reproduce & to supplement the body's own reservoir of nutrients to maintain healthy skin.